Does your content need a fresh pair of eyes?

Would you like someone to check your writing for errors, consistency, writing style and contradictions?

Do you have a draft of a piece of fiction that needs structural work?

With my attention to detail and editorial experience, I can help you ensure that your content is fit for purpose through:

Beta Reading

I will read your manuscript and provide you with a report containing general feedback on your story, from the perspective of a reader. This includes overall narrative observations regarding elements such as worldbuilding and voice. I am a writer myself, so I know how to best deliver constructive criticism (and praise for the good bits, too!).

Manuscript Critique

I will read your manuscript and provide you with a report containing a detailed analysis of your work. This includes overarching elements such as structure, plot and character development and more technical aspects, including dialogue analysis and grammar, each illustrated with examples from your own writing. It’s similar to beta reading, but more in-depth.

Sensitivity Reading

I will read your manuscript and provide you with an assessment of any bias, offensive content and language, misrepresentation, stereotypes, cliches and inaccuracies present in your writing regarding marginalised communities. My areas of experience that I can cover include, but are not limited to: female representation, immigration, mental health issues (anxiety/depression), scoliosis, neurodivergence (ADHD), bilingual people (Portuguese/English), class (poor/working class), and asexuality.


I will review your writing for punctuation, grammar, spelling, light fact-checking, internal consistency and clarity. My copyedits also often include elements traditionally attributed to line editing, such as suggestions regarding word choice, flow, and readability.

A style sheet containing all decisions made in the copyedit process, from capitalisation to spelling, is included. Above all, I will respect your authorial voice.

If you are unsure about the difference between copyediting and proofreading, the CIEP has compiled FAQs that you might find useful.

When working with fiction, my specialities are Young Adult and genre fiction (including contemporary, romance, thriller, sci-fi and fantasy). I read across most genres, though, so feel free to query me about your project, regardless of genre!

What clients have said…

‘Superb in every way – Sofia licked my fourth novel into shape, ready for a publisher. She has a great knack of balancing “what’s working well” with “and this could be even better” – the mark of a consummate professional who is respectful of the author’s voice whilst confident and knowledgeable. She is a quick, sensitive, thorough editor who is great at keeping you informed of progress.’
– Louise Worthington, Author

Rates vary depending on the type and amount of editing required, so please contact me to discuss your editing needs and receive a personalised quote.