• ‘Save the Cat! Writes a Novel’ by Jessica Brody is a must-have for every writer, particularly those who struggle with story structure
  • NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) may not be for everyone, but the forum is a great resource, and their blog is packed with great articles
  • ‘The Kick-Ass Writer’ by Chuck Wendig is an inspiring and humorous collection of writing advice
  • This ‘Creating Series Bibles Workshop’ by GingerReadsLainey is useful for authors juggling a lot of information in their novels
  • The Just Write Youtube channel publishes video essays on writing by analysing popular media
  • The PubCrawl podcast has nearly 100 episodes filled with useful publishing industry insight
  • Alexa Donne is a traditionally published author who creates videos on writing craft, the publishing industry and more
  • ‘Self-Editing on a Penny: A Comprehensive Guide’ by Ashlyn Forge is a (as the name suggests) comprehensive compilation of advice on how to edit your own work, either fully or as a cost-saving method when hiring an editor
  • Writing Excuses is an educational podcast for writers, by writers (most famously, Brandon Sanderson)